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Be Well: On the Scene

Wrote on leaf

Put green leaf on tree at library

Attended Summer Storytime at the Canton Farmers Market

Wrote on a leaf for the library tree

Wrote on the leaf on how I stay healthy

Learned to play golf

Whole family started golf lessons this summer. Our kids continue their soccer practice over summer holidays.

i added a leaf to the tree

On how I stay healthy

Put a leaf on a tree

Our family exercised

Went for a long walk to explore my neighborhood

There were so many animals and plants, a commons area and a pretty creek, and I even enjoyed watching traffic zoom by as I explored my neighborhood. Can't wait to explore more!

Storytime @ Canton Farmers Market

Added a leaf to the tree

I told people to drink water every day!

I'm a red belt at Canton Karate

canoeing at heritage during family movie night camp out

Canoeing on the pond

Took Swim Lessons

I take fitness classes at camp every week over the summer