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Be Creative: On the Scene

Decorated a bookmark

We decorated our library bag!

We came to the library and decorated our new library bag! Then we took it home and added MORE decorations.

I decorated a bag in the library.

The bag I decorated on was a shade of blue.There were many different colors.We were suppose to put stamps in the colors.I used all the colors.The stamps I used were very interesting designs!!!There were also animal stamps.Acually,maybe only insects.But at least I think they look cool!!!!!!

I made a bookmark to share!

I made "Book Spine" Poetry

For my poetry I did Brave Super Buddies Frozen Snow Buddies Tangled Air Buddies Travel to Germany I also used movies instead of books.

Made a card

I made a card for one of my friends.

Decorated a tote at the library

i decorated my canton public library bag

I made Origami

I made some origami! It was not this complicated, though!

I made a bag @ the library

make a book mark for someone at the library

i started a buisness

it is called Smart Summer and is a tutoring program for this summer.

Decorate a book bag

Went with my daughter to sign her up and decided I should join her in the challenge.

I decorated a library bag and bookmark.

I helped my daughter decorate a bag.

Decorated a book bag