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Be Creative: On the Scene

Wrote and turned in a spine label poem

Memoirs of a Hamster
This one Summer
Circa Now
The City of Ember
The Arrival
Puff the Magic Dragon
Grasshopper Jungle

I made the cube craft.

Make Frozen slime

The slime is blue with sparkles and it is very cold (For the movie frozen)

I created a LEGO moc

A moc is a my own creation and I built a cool SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! today.

I decorated my toat bag at library with my favorite Lego theme.

I made a cardboard shelf

I made a puppet

Book Spine Poetry in the Library!

Created a book spine poem at the library. Put a copy up on the display wall, but here's the original.

I decorated my library bag

I made cube craft

Ot was fun I didn't know how to make it but know I do and it was easy

I designed a book bag

I whittled two sticks with my dad.

I made

I made

I made

I made

Designed a tote bag at library.

Created book spine poetry!

Chasing yesterday, (while)
Lost in Babylon,
I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor,
The Journey to Atlantis,
The Web of Titan,
The Secret War, (and)
A Crazy Day with Cobras (whew)!  

book spine poetry