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Be Creative: On the Scene

I painted rocks and put them in our garden

Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry


I sew a sock Monkey

I read The Day I Lost My Superpowers by Michael Escoffier

It was about a kid that was pretending he had superpowers and then one day he lost them. I enjoyed it.

Made a police box from the library

I wrote a book spine poem

"Frog Music
On a Dark, Dark Night
A Tropic of Serpents
A Dance with Dragons
Where Earth Meets Water
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?"

Made the Be Well tree

Posted a Book Spine Poem

I spent some time late last night in the library composing an epic book spine poem. And then this morning our dedicated pages reshelved the books before I could get them on my sheet. But I think my second attempt wasn't too bad. See if you can spot it - I included my author picture.

Participated in the Cupcake Wars on 6/25/14

I participated in the Cupcake Wars and decorated my cupcake to the theme of Harry Potter. I won one of the three prizes!

choose 7 books to create spine poetry

Attended a craft session at the library

Then i made a beautiful hair flower

made a bookbag at the library

I made a purse.

I made a purse out of paper. It was cool.

i made flower crowns using dandelions