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Be Creative: On the Scene

i did the astute artistrey activity

I created a bead bracelet

I went to the program: 3d Story box

I made a creative Storybox

Created a custom "Guess Who" game for my family

I'm a graphic designer so I created a custom "Guess Who" game, incorporating my (numerous) family members as the characters for a much more personal experience every time the game is played. :)

I have created a story 3-d box

I did this using a cardboard box. The title of my 3-d box is "People in Fairyland" The story is about a boy and girl falling into a tornado, when they get to the bottom they land in the ocean.

Painted and organized 2 rooms in my home.

After watching too much DIY programs I decided I could do a few projects around the house. Over the weekend I organized closets and with the help of my daughters we painted 2 of the bedrooms and picked out paint colors for 2 more rooms. My “Honey Do List” for the fall just got longer for my husband.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Made an origami dog.

Completed the Book Spine Poetry Activity sheet

Play dough fun

i wrote my book spine poetry page

My poem was, Expose, Joy to the world, Mountains, Water, Hills, No doubt, Crazy love, For them. I hope you like it I got it all from CD covers

Sew doll clothes

Wrote a book spine poem.

Completed "Book Spine" Poetry Activity

I did the book spine poetry

i went to the hoopla

Made a bookmark

In the library there were bookmarks. I made one. I decorated it with markers and crayons. I use it all the time!

I made some charms from shrinkidinks