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Around the World: On the Scene

I read The Perfect Pumpkin Pie

it was about a ghost who loved pumpkin pies.I enjoy the book.

I did the kids activity page

I finished my Name the Country Worksheet

Name that Country Worksheet

finished the flag paper

flag paper


Completed Around the World Badge Activity

around the world storytime

around the world story time

around the world story time

Completed "Name That Country" sheet at CPL

It was fun to identify the countries where these landmarks are located. I realized that I've been to three of the 12 landmarks on the sheet--need to get busy planning to visit the other nine!

Completed Name the Country for Each Flag sheet

Name the Landmarks sheet

I actually learned a lot from this activity! I took it for granted that I knew exactly where some of those landmarks were, and for others I needed to research a bit in order to figure it out. Made me want to go visit so many of those places!

completed name that country