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Around the World: On the Scene

Finished the Monuments Worksheet

Made me want to travel to all of these places!

Read - Theodore Roosevelt the Adventurous President

This book tells of all of his travels around the globe by Time for Kids. Iam related to Teddy Roosevelt on my Dad's side of the family. He is my cousin on my family tree.

Look at books about Puerto Rico

We looked at books about Puerto Rico.

Finished the Flags of the World

Some of the flags were familiar to me, others I had to ask for help from the friendly librarians.

completed name of the country for each flag

Went to Detroit Zoo and saw animals from all over the world

I ate at Ashoka, an Indian restaurant in Canton.

This was my first experience eating Indian food.

I completed the worksheet.

Tried indian food at work

I did sheet

ME had fun

Filled in the Kids sheet

I did the Identify the Flag sheet



Tanabata Festival

Went to Tanabata Festival at library. Had a good time really enjoyed it.

Summer Style Storytime

We talked about packing for trips and read a story about traveling by plane.