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Around the World: On the Scene

summer fun worksheet

Name the country flag quiz

Filled in name the country for each flag paper

We celebrated Ramamdan

I completed the 'Name the flag' sheet

I attended the program storys around the world at the library

I read three ginger bread man books in three different ways.

Around the World Sheet

I completed the Name that country activity sheet

There was a sheet of paper that had a bunch of flags on it. I wrote the country that matches the flag underneath the flag.

I got most of the stuff by myself, but sometimes I needed help from my brother or my dad.

Name That Country activity sheet

Name That Country Activity Sheet

I identified in which country you would find the iconic structures.

Name the Country for Each Flag

I identified each flag.

I did the monument matching activity

I did the Around the World activity sheet where you matched the monument to the country. 

I went on a trip to Mexico