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Animal Lover: On the Scene

I went to the Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN.

I watched the penguins and rays be fed.

I visited the Ripley's Aquarium in gatlinburg, TN

I got to pet jelly fish (on the tops) and rays!

Donated Tuna

I donated cans of tuna for the Humane Society as it was one of the items listed as in dire need.

I went to the Potter park zoo

Went to the Detroit Zoo

HSHV drive

Came to Summer Style Storytime

Sat through two great stories. Also got to pet Annie and make a bandanna for my own dog.

Came to Summer Style Storytime

Had a hard time sitting through the stories, but the Humane Society did a great job.

Went to the Zoo.

I saw a sleeping lion.

Donated blankets and towels to local animal shelter

Went to the Zoo

I saw a sleeping lion.

completed the animal lover scavenger hunt

Completed the animal scavenger hunt!

I donated some items to the HSHV drive.

guinea pig babysat for 8 days

Completed the animal scavenger hunt inside CPL

It was very tricky. But we figured it out.