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Sleuth It: eLectrified


Scooby dooby doo

Listened to the Castle in the Attic book on tape

Rented Clue

Read the Ellery Queen mystery magazine using Zinio

read book on kindle

me read 39 clues on kindle

read a mystery book on my kindle

I read 39 clues, a mystery series

Watched "Riddle in a bottle

i solve a mystery

Watched the 39 steps on hoopla

1935 Hitchcock movie was so fun to watch

Watched 'Murder on the Orient Express'

Watched the movie "Cars 2"

I saw 22 Jump Street

It's a comedy two cops going undercover at college to solve a case. The movie acknowledged that it was a sequel to a movie remake of a late 80's TV show by making many jokes about it, which I think it was all the better for. 

Warched DVD "Three Days to Kill"

This movie, starring Kevin Costner, centers on the main character, Ethan, who is ex-CIA and trying to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter living in Paris. But he is forced into finishing "one more job" and must balance being a dad who works in "sales" and taking out the bad guys, who are also trying to take him out. It's a good mix of spy thriller and drama between a father and daughter. Fairly violent in some parts, so be prepared for that.

E-Book chameleon- The Mystery of Mr. nice

I listened to Scooby Doo Shiny Spooky Knights from my leap frog pen.

Watched the British Detective series, “Endeavour”

If you enjoy a good crime mystery with a lot of good detective work and not a lot of blood this is the show for you. When they solve the case it is like they are summing up a game of “clue”

Played the game "Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir"

Played Clue on our DVD with my kids

Loved playing this classic game in a new way