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My Mitten: eLectrified

I took pictures of birds in my backyard with my mom's phone.

I looked up the bird that was building a nest in the birdhouse.

Read Midwest Living magazine on Zinio

Listened to a motown music cd my mom made

Checked out Grit Magazine from Zinio

A fun read!

I watched "Anatomy of a Murder".

This is a courtroom drama set in Michigan, starring Jimmy Stewart and Lee Remick. It was fun to hear familiar place names mentioned--Detroit, Lansing, etc.

Read a artical on Nankin Mills online.


something about Michigan

Researched the Badger from Ludington on the PUre Michigan website

i watched the movie the wonders of michigan

researched michigan

me researched about Michigan on laptop

I researched

I researched for a project on Canton, MI

I watched " Lake Huron"

Borrowed and used a MI Big Green Gym park pass

I watched "Motown the early years"

Checked out Motwn 1960s from Hoopla

Some Detroit greats!

I watched Henry Ford