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My Mitten: eLectrified

Read a artical on Nankin Mills online.


something about Michigan

Researched the Badger from Ludington on the PUre Michigan website

i watched the movie the wonders of michigan

researched michigan

me researched about Michigan on laptop

I researched

I researched for a project on Canton, MI

I watched " Lake Huron"

Borrowed and used a MI Big Green Gym park pass

I watched "Motown the early years"

Checked out Motwn 1960s from Hoopla

Some Detroit greats!

I watched Henry Ford

I watched Henry Ford

Watched the DVD "The Watsons Go to Birmingham"

This is a Hallmark movie based on the Newberry Honor Book of the same title by Christopher Paul Curtis. The movie is quite true to the book, which is always a treat--but read the book to get the most out of this powerful story, set in 1963. It starts in Flint, Michigan (hometown of the author) on a cold winter day. The main character is Kenny Watson, one of three African-American children in the Watson family. Kenny's mom longs to escape the cold and visit her mother and other family members down in Birmingham, Alabama, where racial tensions are heating up as civil rights advocates challenge Alabama's forced segregation laws in the public schools. This is historical fiction at its best and is worth a watch--and a read--for all ages.

96 Tears

I borrowed this album via Hoopla. The band, Question Mark and the Mysterians, are all Michigan natives (from the Saginaw/Flint area).

I watched " Lake Huron"

I looked at old photographs of Detroit online

I used the Michigan eLibrary's Michigania section to find a beautiful selection of old photographs called Early Detroit Images from the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library. My favorite image so far is a building fire at Jefferson and Cass, which features common garb and a fire engine from 1883. It's fascinating to see the way people dressed back then, and even the firemen uniforms look dapper!

Watched the Burning bed with my mom,

story took place in Danville, MI, most famous battered woman defense case, discussed exploitation and violence

I watched the movie Starstruck.

The girl in the movie is from Michigan.

Listened to music about Michigan

i watched a pure michigan commercial