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Love It: eLectrified

I watched the movie "free birds" and I really loved it

I went and saw the Planes 2 movie in the theater.

Watched the movie "Nemo"

I watched the DVD "Becoming Jane".

If you love Pride and Prejudice, you have to watch this movie! This story is a fictionalized account of Jane Austin's life, and how she may have conceived the ideas for her novels.

Read Mental Floss magazine on Zinio

I watched playdoh videos on youtube

I watch playdoh videos on youtube

I watched Tokyo Gore Police. It was terribel.

checked out & watched 3 Fireman Sam dvds.

I love Fireman Sam!

Finished Harry Potter PC game.

I love watching dance videos on U-tube or any video feed.

I saw Snowpiercer at the theater

I went to the theater to see the movie Snowpiercer, and I loved it!

After a failed experiment to stop global warming, earth is frozen over and the only survivors live aboard a perpetually moving train, and are separated by economic class. Snowpiercer is a South Korean film (in English) based off of the epic science fiction French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. It was directed by Joon-ho Bong, who also directed the great monster movie The Host, which is one of my favorites (and much different than Stephanie Meyer's The Host). It has a few familiar faces in it, like Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer, who show off some terrific acting chops. 

Snowpiercer a highly stylized action/science fiction movie with excellent cinematography and darker themes than most summer action movies. I would highly recommend it to sci-fi and foreign film buffs!

Snowpiercer (DVD) [videorecording]

The host [electronic resource]

Listened to Stuart Little book on tape

Listened to Stuart Little book on tape

Used pinterest to investigate ideas for a new front door color

I watched The Notebook

I checked out my favorite movie

Preschool Prep DVDs!

Sight Words are my favorite!