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Great Outdoors: eLectrified

My friends and I climbed up a tree and decorated it

It was really fun!

I watched a video about birds

My family and I watched Dual Survival

My Family and I love popping a squat in front of the television and enhance ourselves in the treacherous scenarios of being lost out in the wilderness and how to find salvation.

Listened to man

It's about a girl who ponders about the human

play outside

I found out about trees getting cut down each year world wide

About 4 billion trees are cut down each year worldwide. 99.9 precent animals are exinct on earth because of that.

watched a movie

watched part of Jane Goodalls journey.

Great Outdoors eLectrified Suggestions

Get Outdoors with eMagazines

Gardening, hiking, and nature! Our Zinio online magazine database gives you access to over 200 current magazines in their full color and glory! You can read them on your computer or tablet.

Here are a few titles to get you started!

TV Shows About Nature and Animals

Planet Earth. The complete series, Disc 1 [videodisc] by British Broadcasting Corporation ; 2 entertain ; A BBC / Discovery Channel / NHK co-production

Nature's most amazing events [videodisc] by a BBC/ Discovery Channel co-production in association with Wanda Firms

Blue planet [videodisc] by a film for the National Air and Space Museum presented by Lockheed and [the Museum]

Earth [videodisc] by Disneynature presents a BBC, Greenlight Media, Discovery Channel co-production, a BBC Natural History Unit film

The blue planet. Seas of life, Disc 1 [videodisc] by a BBC/Discovery Channel co-production

Book Bundles

Looking for a book (or audiobook or movie) to complete a badge? Come into the library and grab a bundle. Bundles are two or three similar items which we've bundled together. Maybe they are read-alikes for a popular author, or perhaps they all share a theme.  Convenient and fun--pick one up today!

Great Outdoors: eLectrified

Spend some time with Mother Nature
The Great Outdoors: eLectrified badge is earned by visiting an electronic resource, or checking out media such as DVDs, that are related to the outdoors.