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Great Outdoors: eLectrified

Read electronic book- Planting a Rainbow

I read The Quangle Wangle's Hat by Edward Lear illustrated by Janet Stevens

It was about a bird who had an enormous hat. It was so big that a bird, stork, duck, owl, snail, bumble bee, frog and a thimble fowl, bear, grouse, a pobble all wanted to live in it. I enjoyed the story.

i watched nims island

I watched DisneyNature's Earth.

So many Baby animals!

I read Zinio e-magazines "Alaska ","Bird Watching","Bicyclist" .

i watched a movie on birds

Watched the Hunger Games

read green tips article

Took Zinio with me on my trip to the U.P.

Reading on the beach: made possible with Zinio.

read e-book about michigan lakes.

I watched Cast Away

This movie is about a man surviving on an island by himself.

the end.

Listened to "Rowan Hood" audiobook by Nancy Springer

My son and I listened to this book while driving Up North this past weekend. It is the first in a handful of books in the Rowan Hood series. "Rowan" is actually 13-year-old Rosemary, daughter of the famous Robin Hood. After her mother dies, Rosemary decides to search for the outlaw father she never met. Disguised as the boy Rowan, and with little more than her bow and arrows, she journeys to Sherwood Forest, makes some new friends (human and animal) along the way, and becomes an outlaw herself!

Buying Alaska

Very pretty, lots of wild animals but lifestyle is so different

I Researched the Best Spots to Visit in Michigan

Some of the places that the website mentioned were Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Mackinac Island. I would really like to visit Mackinac Island with my family.

outdoor scavenger hunt

the end.