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Great Outdoors: eLectrified

Watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids with the kids

Watched Peppa Pig episode where they went camping

Beverly Cleary e-book

I read "Henry and the Paper Route" on my phone. Most of the action in the story takes place outdoors - Beverly Cleary wrote about kids during a time when most of them played outside all day long. I even read part of this while sitting outside to make my badge earning extra outdoorsy. :)

I watched "Mickey's great outdoors"

They go camping

Watched "The Secret Garden" DVD.

Good family-friendly movie.

Watched the movie "Rio 2"

Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Watched Honey I Srunk the Kids with my sister.

I watched Wild Krats

Read the Moonday eBook

Moonday by Adam Rex

Watched The Summit on DVD

About the 2008 tragedy of 11 climber deaths on K2. 

I read the Country Gardens magazine on Zinio.

The Summer 2014 issue of Country Gardens has an article with instructions on how to make a Tabletop Woodland Garden. It is assembled around a piece of driftwood, or a downed branch, using moss, flowers, pinecones, and mini accessories. It can be used as a centerpiece indoors or out, and it will last for several months.

I read a book on my kindle

I listened to Curious George goes Camping on CD

i watched " big miracle" with my family.

this movie is very sad. it is about a family of whales trapped under the ice and a group of people try to break the ice to save them. unfortunately one of the whales dies.

Watched "The Big Miracle" with my family

We enjoyed watching all about the whales

i saw planet erth

I researched best places to mountain bike in Michigan,

Mountain biking is awesome!!!!!

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Watched "Into Thin Air"

Read the book a long time ago and really liked it, so I was happy to see the movie version of it.