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Great Outdoors: eLectrified

i went to a kite program

Online research

Learned that Oak trees grow from tiny acorns that grow into a stem and into a tree.

i read about leaves online

i learned that leaves need the root water and the oxygon from the air

Used ILL

Interloaned a CD to take with me while I am running or walking outdoors!

Listened to the audiobook "a couple of boys have the best week ever".

It is about two friends that went to nature camp.

Watched "Animal Atlas"

Watched " Animal Atlas"

My Dad and I do not miss an episode of Tree Masters.

It is on late so he tapes it so we can watch it before I go to bed.

I went camping in a R.V.

Watched the Wild Kratts

Wild kratts. Creature adventures. Disc 1 [videodisc] — I enjoyed exploring with the Kratt brothers. The episode about the squid and the whale was very interesting.

read article

me read article on

read on my laptop

I read a science article on

Listened to Tom Sawyer book on tape