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Game On: eLectrified

I watched the TIGERS game

I watched the movie McKenna

My sister and I watched the movie McKenna

Checked Out CPL Ipad

Checked out a CPL Ipad and played some of the pre-downloaded game apps. Had a lot of fun with Candy Crush!

Checked out Games magazine

There's a big variety of games so no matter what type of puzzles or activities you like, there's bound to be something in this magazine!

i watched Tour de France

Listened to (and read) the audiobook The Bambino and Me.

It was about Babe Ruth.

I played River Rafter on my 3D XBox

It's great cause it gets my brain stimulated and my body moving!

watched soccer

me watched fifa world cup

Watched the DVD "Pride".

It is based on a true story about a man who, against all odds, creates an African American swim team. A great story, but probably should have a PG-13 rating.

watched soccer

I watched the fifa world cup

played PBS kids games

Went online to learn rules of Frisbee Golf

I watched the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie Switching Goals


basketball game

Watched Tigers baseball on TV with my Mama, Daddy, and little sister