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Chow Down: eLectrified

used catalog

me used catalog for my sheet

used catalog

used the catalog for my sheet

I watched "Where Food is Grown"

I learned there are farms all around the world.

Agriculture for children

Watched the DVD "Bella".

A chef working in his brother's restaurant walks off the job to befriend a waitress who has just been fired. He is haunted by his past; she is afraid for her future. They spend a day together that changes both of their lives in a very dramatic way. Great film!

i ate food

Used Zinio To Check out 30-Minute Dinners

played cooking mama.

Watched several episodes of the current season of "Master Chef"

Thanks heavens for "On Demand"!

Read the raz kids book on how to make ice cream

I learned how to make ice cream and it only takes a few minutes. You don't have to buy anything from the ice cream man!

Watched a show called Taste Buds

Watched Toast

Interesting movie about British chef, Nigel Slater

i watched a cooking video

how to make eggless cinoman rolls

I watched Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen with my family

We love to hear about new foods and even tried Jicama after seeing it on chopped

i watched Chopped and Cutthroat kitchen

i love trying new foods no matter what i is. after watching everyone use jicama on chopped i tried it and loved it.

i watched a movie about food