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Be Well: eLectrified

I tested for the next belt in TaeKwonDo

I was on white belt, and skipped from white with yellow stripe to solid yellow belt!

I play my Wii

I play games on Wii Party to get my blood flowing! I also played Wii Fit!

I went to

its where you learn how to eat healthy, and be active alot

Played baseball and tennis on my Wii

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Max Intensity

Great work out with Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Max Intensity. This one is better than the original!

Listened to "You Can Be Happy No Matter What" audiobook read by author Richard Carlson

Though a quick listen (just three CDs), this audiobook offers straightforward information to help you understand how you can be happy even when it may seem impossible to do so, why people are unhappy, how to handle yourself during high and low moods, and why stress exists only because we allow it to. This is a book that is worth listening to more than once, especially when you're feeling unhappy and need a reminder that happiness always comes from within yourself. 

I played "Ready Set Grover"

I played with my big brother.

My sister and I played "Ready Set Grover" on the Wii

I did not really like it because I had to jump a lot. But I was laughing.

Downloaded a Quinoa cookbook.

I love Quinoa but now I have more ideas of how to incorporate it in my meals.

I exercise on the Wii.

Checked-out an exercise DVD.

I read the fault in our stars

I programmed

I programmed using a manual

iI found out how to be healthy on the internet

To be healthy you should eat organic food,eat lots of protein,exercise,don't eat to much sugar,and don't put your hands in your mouth.

I started to follow a schedule that I found on a website in order to run a 5k

I was doing some research on my computer when I found this schedule that prepares you to run a 5k in seven weeks.

Running magazines on Zinio

As a new runner, I find running magazines to be tremendously motivating and informative. Being able to read them on Zinio makes this useful workout information so much more accessible!

danced along to an online kids dance video

Watched workout show

Watched someone do insanity one day.