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Be Well: eLectrified


rarely watch yoga at home

I read Luke Goes To Bat by Rachel Isadora

This book was about a kid who liked baseball, but some kids were being mean to him because he wasn't very good. He went to the Dodgers game and Jackie Robinson won the game with a big hit. I enjoy this book.

Got my PBS fix watched season three of "Call the Midwife"

Watched Forks Over Knives on Hoopla

i watched a movie on how to be healthy

Watched The Night Shift and The Vow

Watched the TV show the night shift on NBC every week since its been out (5 weeks) and watched the movie The Vow

Checked out the Eat to Live Ebook.

I am considering trying to implement some of this eating plan.  I can't go without carbs!

Signed up for wellness classes at the Summit,

Every day at 9:15 AM I exercise in the "Best of Health" class at the Summit. 

Checked out an exercise DVD and worked out .

Read a magazine via Zinio

I read the latest issue of Fitness magazine using Zinio.

I did Wii Fit on the Wii.

Xbox 360 Your Shape Fitness 2012 workout

I did a workout on my Xbox!

I listened to Fault In Our Stars on a audio book

I did a workout video I saw on YouTube

dancing with the stars

dancing with the stars

I watched many episodes of the Dr.Oz show

played Wii fit with my brother

I vs. my brother in some Wii games.