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Be Well: eLectrified

I read an issue of Women's Health online with Zinio

I watched " Eat Healthy, Be Healthy-Milk, Grains, Oils"

Wathed gymnastics video.

i watched yoga kids

i watched yoga kids

I read the e-book: The Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor.

I watched a yoga instructional video

I played the KidsBop dance 2014 on the wii U

I watched " Eat Healthy, Be Healthy-Milk, Grains, Oils"

i played basketball

i read the Natural Health magazine in Zinio

I danced along with "Bella Dancereella: Swan Lake" video

I leaned basic ballet moves

Watched 2 episodes of NY Med

i watched bill nye the human body

i watched this movie by Bill Nye the science guy. he taught me all about the human body and how to be healthy and safe while still having fun.

i saw a stettchhing show

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I googled how to lose fat.

I did a yoga video on YouTube

I did Yoga at home with the DVD "Yoga: 3 for Kids"