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Be Well: eLectrified

I learned about yoga using the library's Gale virtual reference

I did a kids yoga dvd with my sister

My sister and I did a kids yoga dvd

I did some yoga.

Watched Cheer Competitions and then copied the cheers for hours after wards

Watch exercise videos

played game

me played health game in

played a video game

I played a health game on

Worked out to the "Dance with Julianne" DVD.

added a new exercise app to my phone

Read Prevention magazine using Zinio

I watched About Last Night

I checked out and watched About Last Night, a film about the ups and downs of two romantic relationships. Kevin Hart and Regina Hall had great comedic chemistry!

I used the Gale Virtual Reference Library to find information on allergies.

I used the Gale Virtual Reference Library to look at the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. I was able to find information on different types of allergies, their symptoms, and their treatments. 

Did Yoga video on demand with my Mama!

I read an issue of Women's Health online with Zinio

I watched " Eat Healthy, Be Healthy-Milk, Grains, Oils"

Wathed gymnastics video.

i watched yoga kids

i watched yoga kids