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Be Creative: eLectrified

Danced to a new learned choreography for lyrical/contemporary dance

Played "DoodleFit" puzzle game on iPad

finished book spine poetry

Read House Beautiful magazine on Zinio

Watched the movie "Monuments Men"

I watched a movie about nelli Bly!

Nelli Bly is a lady reporter and she is on of the most famous/best reporters in history!

Look online at summer crafts to do

Created a power point slide.

I watch "How To" U-tube video's all the time with my Mom

On baking, make up, hair, jewelry making...lots of things

watched movie

me watched Barbie in a fashion fairytale

watched movie

I watched Barbie in a fashion fairytale

Built my own coaster on the Discovery Kids webpage

Made a farewell DVD for my son's class and gave to everyone

Watched Crumb

I watched the "Saving Mr. Banks" DVD.

The story of the making of the Mary Poppins movie.