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Animal Lover: eLectrified

I am watching the featured movie of BrainPop everyday

Brain Pop is an educational site with a short featured video everyday, telling info. about any topic.

Danced Around to some Awesome Country Tunes

Sandra boynton's frog trouble [electronic resource] by Dwight Yoakam — Even though it's called Frog Trouble, there's also songs about Alligators and Pigs. I've Got a Dog is probably the peppiest song, and my favorite. Because it's true.

I lissened to Anansi

I lissened to Anansi

Watch animal planet

I hope I get the super mega badge

I watched Agent Fox on hoopla with family.

I really enjoyed the action scenes.

I went on National Geographic

Its a site where you can study animals and see videos, pics, and hear the sounds of the animal

I watch a movie called super buddies

watched tom and jerry with my best friend

Read "Dogs Life" magazine on Zinio.

I was wondering why there were a lot of articles related to winter in a July/August issue; I then realized this was an Australian publication. :)

I watched Agent Fox on hoopla with my family

The movie seemed new and I enjoyed the action.


I watched Sharknado. This is part of the Animal Lover eLectrified Badge.

I watched Bolt!

Watched Hachi and cried my eyes out

Watched the original Dr. Doolittle.

Watched the original Dr. Doolittle

i watched good luck charlie

I read an e-book on my smartphone.

I borrowed the children's picture book "Flora and the Flamingo" and downloaded to my phone. It was interesting to read a wordless picture book via this electronic format. There were several pages where I had to double-tap images; this was supposed to serve as the "lift-the-flap" aspect that is part of the physical book. It took me a few tries to catch on and do it correctly, but I figured it out.