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Animal Lover: eLectrified

I read How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth

it was about a girl who had a woolly mammoth. She had to wash it. I liked it.


I watch a program called wild kratts

audiobook: Oogy by Levin

Listened to the book

Watched "Charlotte's Web" on June 29th

I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2

It was an adorable movie with lots of emotion.

watched free birds

Watched Free Willy

I watched an entire day of My Cat From Hell.

Why is this show so fantastic?!  I can't get enough!

Watched March of the Penquins

I watched a DVD all about chickens and eggs.

researched dinos

For a school project, I researched dinosaurs.

Researched about Butterflies online.

I watched a video about mammals

watched disney animal world

Watched animal shows


I read the Bees book.