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Animal Lover: eLectrified

Checked out Dog's Life on Zinio.

Movies on Hoopla

A great way to get to stop watching “Frozen” every time your granddaughter spends the night is to check out a movie on hoopla. She has her own iPad and love to watch the Disney channel on it so why not try a movie. We pick the 2005 version of the classic “Lassie” and now we have a new favorite and I will be buying a copy for home. We only get 20 checkouts for hoopla and I don’t plan on using them on the same movie.


Checked out Zinio magazine Dog's Life on my computer. First time I used Zinio and it was pretty cool!

Watched "Nature's Weirdest"

Researched info on cats on the tablet

looked up cat facts on the internet

I wanted to know why my cat chirps at birds. Turns out he's imagining biting them.


Checked out "Dog's Life" magazine on Zinio. Great mag!!

Watched Blackfish on DVD

Watched the movie "Rio 2"

I listened to CD - The Snow Spider

I watched WildKrats.

I watched WildKrats.

i saw a dog

Watched Agent Fox

A fox that was a secret agent and went to rabbitville. He had to figure out where a scroll was.

I watched Wild Kratts

I watched Wild Kratts