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Animal Lover: eLectrified

I watched Wild Kratts

I watched Wild Kratts

watched a curious George show

He's one funny animal!

watched Too Cute Kittens

researched fruits and veggies that guinea pigs can eat

I watched Babe!

It was a really good movie but it was a little bitt sad. ):

I watched National Geographic's Bear Island on Hoopla.

This program explores Alaskan grizzly bears living in the temperate rain forests of the Alexander Archipelago. Forest clear cutting is threatening the bears' domain, so researchers are studying the bears to determine how to preserve them. They developed a critter cam that they place around the bear's neck to observe, in real time, the bear's actions in the forest. 

Checked out and watched a DVD

Watched Diego and learned about the animals in the jungle

I looked up on the internet about diving lizards and watched a utube video about them.

I watched a program on PBS about underwater lizards and wanted to know if they still existed. I looked it up on line and found a utube video and watched it.

I watched the DVD of the PBS documentary "Through a Dog's Eyes".

This is a very heart-warming show about a woman's mission to train service dogs and the people that receive the dogs. I highly recommend it!

I read No Dogs Allowed on CD

Dung Beetles!

Behold the beautiful dung beetle by Cheryl Bardoe ; illustrated by Alan Marks

I watched Dogs 101 on Animal Planet