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Green Thumb

I went to the farm and picked some mushrooms. It's delicious.




watered plants in my yard

watered plants

picked spinach from our garden

My Morning Glory in bloom

I am growing tomatos

I picked some Jasmine from my grandma's garden. Smell so good. My grandma drink them with tea.

I helped mom Garden and I pulled weeds.

get some vegetable from my grandma's garden for dinner

I saw a spider eat a fly

I saw how a spider eats it's food by seeing a fly stuck in a web and I saw how a spider ate the fly.

I helped my grandma clean up the garden.

Ate cucumbers grown in my own garden

I played in my grandma's garden. It's kind of diffenrent with us.

I helped my mom plant some flowers.

I watered the plant outside my house

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Green Thumb

watered plants

Did lawn work