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Green Thumb

Lily of the Valley--Bracket Winner!

lily of the valleyThank you to everyone who voted in our CYS Flower Bracket Game. Lily of the Valley was our big winner! Yea! If you want more information on our fragrant and beautiful winner, along with the many other flowers you can plant here in the mitten state, be sure to check out our gardening collection in both the children's and adult departments. Enjoy the rest of your summer and when you see a Lily of the Valley, think of us!

We plant home small garden

Voted in the Green Thumb/Game On Flower Tournament

I voted in the Green Thumb/Game On Flower tournament each week. It's a really close race!

enjoyed the flowers

Read a book about helping kids *grow* up to be successful

I read a book to earn this badge: 
How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

Buit a sand castle on the beach

Planted some herbs and tomato plants

Browsed a lovely coffee table book, Van Gogh's Gardens by Derek Fell

Stunning photography and interesting gardening anecdotes on Van Gogh's use of color. Didn't quite finish reading it...

fresh vegetable from my grandma's garden.


I read a book to earn this badge: 
how to grow vegetables


I read a book to earn this badge: 
it told me how to grow different vegetables

Worked in the Garden

pick up vegetables from farm.

Cut the grass to make extra money

I won a award at 4H for taking care of a house plant for 2 months

I took care of a basil plant all year long

Planted cactus seeds

I read Food: The New Gold

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Food: The New Gold

pick up some grapes from my grandma's garden. They're sweet.

Game On/Green Thumb Flower Tournament: Grand Championship

As part of Connect Your Summer, the Game On and Green Thumb badges have teamed up to do a flower tournament! Only one flower can be crowned the best flower of summer, and it's up to you to decide.

Each week during Connect Your Summer, two flowers will duke it out for your votes. The flower with the most votes will continue on in the tournament. Last week, lily-of-the-valley beat daisy in the semi-finals. This week is our last week of the tournament, and our Grand Championship! Rose and lily-of-the-valley go leaf to leaf!

Vote for your favorite flower below, and don't forget to claim your Green Thumb or Game On badge!

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45% (5 votes)
55% (6 votes)
Total votes: 11