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Geek Out

made a Titanic modle

I watched an episode of Rookie Blue.

ride on skateboard, it's not easy.

I watched the season 3 premiere of Suits.

It is my favorite show!!

My son and I danced in the kitchen to the tune of my favorite nursery rhymes.

It brought back memories of my childhood. And my son loved being waltzed around in my arms.

Read a Book

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Brain Freeze by J.E. Bright

Learned how to use my Kindle

I read a book to earn this badge: 
I am reading an ebook: Danger in the Shadows by: Dee Henderson
I received a Kindle as a gift, tried to use it once, but got frustrated and left it alone for months. This week I set aside some time to learn how to check out books, read them, highlight them, take notes and how to use the various buttons. While this is an alternate way to read, I still prefer to hold the book that I am reading.

played checkers

I played sudoku on my kindle.

I absolutely love it!

My toddler son and I listened to nursery rhymes and sang together.

He figured out how to use our little music player!


I did 26 problems of homework

I read a book to earn this badge: 

STEM Science - Lead the Way

Local high school student Maha Zahid recognized that when entering high school many of her friends were struggling with the application of basic science concepts. As a result, she developed a science enrichment program geared towards middle school students (grades 6th- 8th) who strive to get a head start in their high school science experience and gain more knowledge of innovative careers options in the field of medicine and engineering. This program will focus on fundamental science concepts including chemistry, biochemistry, cells, human body systems and physics that are beneficial for students to know before entering high school. With every concept students will complete hands on activities that will enrich their learning experience. This is an 8 week program that will run every Friday from 4:00-5:45 PM. The first session takes place on August 2 and the last is on September 20. Space is limited so register today! (This program will repeat starting October 4)

I practice my math facts on my mom's ipad several times a week.

I went rock climbing

I read a book to earn this badge: 
geek Out

I read Lost and Found by Andrew Clements

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Geek Out

read a book

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Mark of Athena by: Rick Riordan
Awesome book! Very exciting and on the edge book.

played with a hose

bird watching


I go to karate at Boliards martial arts studio in canton down Michigan ave.i am a red belt 2 stripe.