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Curtains Up

I watched The Clone War the Complete season 2 Disc 3

I watched The Clone War the Complete season 2 Disc 1

Went to the movies to see The Conjuring

The Smurf's

Long Live Brainy

The Smurf's

Shutterbug Smurf


Lost Smurf


To coin a Smurf


I was a brainy weresmurf


Gareamel's Quest


The Smurf who could do no wrong

Pokémon 70

We are going to make a puppet show at home. We already made a stage and a curtain.

I went to Baby Drive-In program

I read a book to earn this badge: 
"Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" by Al Perkins

I went to a theather and watch a show. It was a good story. I love it.

Watched Charlie and Lola

Shakespeare in the Park

Every summer, Waterworks Shakespeare Company takes over the Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak for a unique experience--Shakespeare in the Park. In the afternoons there is a family friendly show (this year it is Much Ado About Nothing) and the evenings are a full scale production (The Merry Wives of Windsor).

I saw The Groods. It's a good story. I love it!

Pokémon 60

We watched The Clone Wars season 2 disc 2

I saw Turbo

This is a very funny movie!