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Curtains Up

I read this book

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Young Cam Jansen adn the Magic Bird Mystery by David A. Adler

I watched TinTin and his adventures

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Curtains Up

maybe movies

TITLE YEAR LENGTH RATING Swiss Family Robinson Rumor N/A mins. N/A 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo Rumor N/A mins. N/A 1906 Pre-Prod. N/A mins. N/A Toy Story 4 2015 mins. Finding Dory 2015 mins.


a deer

watched monsters university

I read a book to earn this badge: 
monsters university
in theaters it was sad but funny

I watched a bunch of trailers

I watched lego trailer

I watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 trailer

I watched read it and weep

I watched Despicable Me 2

I watched Wreck it Raplh

This movie was great. I loved it because it was hilarious and had a really good moral. The moral was don't judge people on the outside because it may look like the re bad but you never know if they are really good in the inside. That's the same for the other way around. It may look like a person is really good but in the inside they are very evil and bad.

I watched Frakenweenie

This movies was really good. I would give it 6 stars out of 5. The moral was if you love what you do, then you will accomplish it. If you are only doing what you do for money or fame, then it won't turn out as what you want--probably even worse.

saw the movie brave in 2 languages

I read The King of Shadows

I watched the Lightning Thief

I watched a video about summer

I saw the trailer for Epic

I saw the trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

I saw the trailer for Pacific Rim

I saw the trailer for the upcoming Lego movie