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Chow Down

Made fish burgers

Learnt how to make scrambled eggs

Went to subway


i ate a cupcake that i bought at my local grocery store. It was so creamy and yummy to eat!:)

I watched the latest episode of Hells Kitchen.

My son and I ate clementines for a snack today.

It is the first time he tasted citrus fruit!

The pasta was good.

I read the recipe and made brownies with my mom.

ate pakora Indian food

I ate chinese food

Ate noodles

I went to Bob Evans and had Breakfast for Dinner

Baked cookies

Went to pei wei

ate grilled cheese sandwiches


swirl coco cheesecake

so yummy and close to this design

coco cheesecake

yum yum

bud not buddy

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Bud, Not Buddy / Christopher Paul Curtis
i read this book a million times but it so interesting


yummy vanilla

for fun

made jello