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Be Well


After working all day, I was itching to be outside and moving on such a nice day. So we went for a good long walk. 

I biked to cvs

I biked to jets pizza

I biked to my friends house

I biked ot family video

I played outside

I played wii fit

I worked out

Facing Fears

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Boom! Big Big Thunder and One Small Dog/ Mary Lyn Ray

Boom! by Mary Lyn Ray ; pictures by Steven Salerno — Rosie, the very small dog is not afraid of anything...well, except for thunder. Thankfully she has a very brave boy who helps her make it through the storm. Lovely pictures!

Went to the gym 3 times this week at Planet Fitness!

I did my morning exercise.


played outside witj our neighbor friends

played outside

Went walking at Gallup Park

Went walking and exploring at Gallup Park


Have you ever try swing in the water? It's lots of fun!

go swimming

walking for an hour

did a brige isted ogf being iside