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Be Creative

i learned the cup song

i made on up


thought us a nice song so melodious


who knew

I made a wallet out of mustachio duct tape at the Plymouth District Library

At the Plymouth District Library, they had a program where they taught you how to make a wallet out of duct tape. I had lots of fun making it, it looks pretty and is very creative.

I made a bracelet.

Created a new scrapbook layout

This is my adorable 8 year old nephew deep in thought, a rare site for this usually very active kid!

I made a orgami star that tranforms into a orgami frisbee

I like it a lot. It is really cool.

Colored one of my favorite game - angry bird

Drew a picture of a horse

I read this book all by myself

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Mouse's Hide-and-Seek Words by Kathryn Heling


I read a book to earn this badge: 
civil war on Sunday

I made some bracelets for my mon and sister. They are pretty.

read a book.

I read a book to earn this badge: 
this was a very good book.

built lego house for brother

made a braclete from springhill overnight camp.

Made a really cool card for neighbors B-day

Created a cool train out of legos

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Getting Started with Lego Trains By: Jacob H. Mckee
it was really cool.

I drew a picture

Be Quiet Mike!

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Be Quiet Mike! by Leslie Patricelli

Be quiet, Mike! by Leslie Patricelli — Mike, a monkey that can't stop drumming, comes up with a creative solution when he sees a drum set he can't afford.