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was so fun

i practiced flute

hot cross buns, mary had a litt...,barracuda rock

cup building

so fun i made one with 100 cups

fiber lamp

i tried to make on like this

i made glasses

made a duck tape purse

duck tape bus

made a duck tape purse

duck tape bus

I made a bookmark.

I made bracelets for my sister. It was hard work!

Made lots of movies

Afternoon playtime

We set up train station and shops - playing pretend play with our neighbor friends.

making fun stuff

I made bracelets and necklesses for our relatives. I worked very hard. And I made about 5 of them. Can't wait to give them to my relatives.

Finished my Avengers Lego Quinjet

Wrote a song about a summer yard sale

Spare Change

Mister since your sifting through

The stuff in my backyard

Please don’t dig too hard

Don’t dismiss the things that I discard


What's the value of these things

Their crowding out the past

Life goes by so fast

I never thought that anything would last


      There's little in my world left to arrange

      All I'm really asking for is your spare change


Hey there, would you help me I'm

In search of a lost chord

Tired of being bored

That’s one thing I really can't afford


Collecting old objects is

Like some old sad refrain

Driving me insane

In need of a transfusion to my brain


I love to draw manga now. I am practicing how to draw girls. It's so fun.

Made soap carvings

Made soap carvings

I made a thing that tells you the layers of the Earth. It was messy, but fun.

attended library program Creatapillar and made a sun catcher and coaster. It was fun.