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Be Creative

Made a My Little Pony Chunky Necklace

I couldn't sleep last night... so I got up and made this necklace.  Very pleased with the way it turned out!

build legos, and play with my brother.

Help decorate basement for 3 hours

I draw houses for my grandma.

I read The Art Forger by Shapiro.

made smoothies

I added random fruits and berries


flowers knited

I came up with play ideas for my toddler to promote his development.

found funny things while looking in the sky

I found a tiger in a tutu, a turtle with goggles, and hundreds of other things!

drew a picture of a flower

drew a picture of big nate

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Big Nate Strikes Again by: Licoln Pierce

bird watching


I'm creating a Szopka!

It's using recycled materials, such as toilet paper rolls and candy foils and trying to build a building. It takes a lot of patience, hot glue, and hours of work.

experimented with bunches of flavor

mint coco mouse tracks danish cheese cake

drew a sand mandala

practiced piano

I played Halloween songs.

made smoothies

yum yum and i made them with random ingredients

our concert

songs were cool


was so fun