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Be Creative

Made a spaceship out of a box

I made a spider and its web (art and craft)

I made a sparkle band with jewelry sticker. I like it.

Learning to do cursive writing.

I have always wanted to learn to do cursive writing so this summer I am working on it.


Me and my friends this summer did comunity service by sellling stuff we earned 200 some odd.

I made another helicopter.

I made a helicopter.

Finished painting our bathroom walls. Planning to make a mirror frame this week.

Made a frog with my sister

Read "Let's Go for a Drive!"

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Read "Let's Go for a Drive!" by Mo Willems

made puppet

made paper plane

I came up with a fun way to record funny things my toddler says and does.

All it requires is a bunch of post-its and a shoebox! I date a post-it and jot down what my son said/did and drop it into the shoebox. So later when I have the time (probably when he goes to college!) I can stick them all in my scrapbook. What a marvelous way to have memories of those everyday moments that make me laugh.

I made a memory box for my son.

I finally put together things from the day my son was born in a memory box, with his foot prints, hospital tag, pictures, aletter Ihad written to him when I was in labor, the New York Times printed that day, his first outfit and a copy of the menu of my first meal I had after he was born! :) Putting these things together filed me with so many happy memories! How time flies.

I doodled with crayons this afternoon.

It was so much fun. I had forgotten how much fun crayons can be.

I drew pictures for my project


Starting decorating my guest bathroom

I made a windmill.

I used foam cardboard and made a Princess Palace.