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Be Creative

I built a fort in my basement

Read "There's a bird on my head!"

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Read There's a bird on my head! by Mo Willems
Read this a 2nd time to mom. This is a very creative book about a unique type of problem.

My son and I dabbled with finger paints.

We had a great time, and made a big mess! :)

built another fort in my basement

I created clothes for my dolls.

Made an art project out of noodles

i made a cootie catcher

i made stress balls

Read a craft book and marked the art projects to do next week.

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Sneaky art: crafty surprises to hide in plain sight by Marthe Jocelyn

I build a fort with blankets

My drawing.

Tricked someone into coming over and killing a spider for me

I drew a picture of Wolverine from X-Men

I drew Wolverine wearing a costume that I designed myself.

I built a lego painting of mona lisa

I built a lego stadium for football

I built a lego skyscraper

i built a lego statue of liberty

i built a lego eiffel tower

I built a lego car