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Time Travel

Visited Amish area in Branch County

Visited Mackinaw Island

Visted the BIllie Creek Historic Village

Visted the Bridgetown Mill in Bridgetown, IN

Visted the Old French House and Indian Museum

Visited more than a dozen covered bridges in IN

Most of the bridges were built in the 1800's and were open to foot traffic only,  we were able to drive through a couple though.

Took a ride on a scenic railway in French Lick, IN

Drove through several Amish communities in Indiana

It really felt like traveling back in time to see how simply these people live

Read The Future of Us

The future of us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler — Emma and Josh live back when dial-up connections were the latest thing. After using an AOL cd-rom, Emma finds her Facebook page from 15 years into the future. Emma and Josh spend a lot of time trying to change their Futures, but end up finding out that sometimes it's better to not know what's coming. Both Emma and Josh were believable, and I think this story would appeal to any '90s child.

Visited the Yankee Air Museum

Visited the Yankee Air Museum

reading "The Things They Carried"

i built a time machine

I used boxes,straws,My camcorder,markers,and glitter glue. Inside it is my sisters radio/microphone and a shaggy carpet sample. __ __ / \ / \ / \/ \ | O O | | > 0 < | \ U / \________/ (P.S Thats a bunny ;)

My family and I went to the DIA

We saw many paintings and artifacts from different time periods.

Went to History Camp

I went to an awesome history camp at Schoolcraft! I learned a lot about the American Revolution and how the United States came to be. We got to make models of Fort Ticonderoga, and we even had an archaeologist come in and talk about what she does. found it all very interesting.

read a book--Sora and the Cloud

Sora and the Cloud share a breathtaking adventrue in the sky.

read a book

Amelia Bedelia's First Field Trip to the farm. She's collecting eggs, milking a cow, riding a tractor, planting seeds, and had the picnic lunch.

Read Once Upon a December (True Diary of a Slave Girl)

watched Submarine and travelled back in time to 1986

This movie was directed and the script written by one of my favorite actors, Richard Ayoade, who you may know from The IT Crowd. The tone of the movie was reminiscent of Wes Anderson's work in that it made me a bit sad, but was satisfying in the end.