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Time Travel

Went up north

travelled to newyork

Went to GS Camp

Went to Tawas

Went to Chicago


Learned some traditional dances

We learned some dances from Jane Austen's time.  The caller, Jim McKinney and his wife taught us some dance geography and explained everything step by step.  It was so much fun!

Traveled to NY

visited with friends and family. Went to NY city and went to American Girl Place and Central Park.

Attended Snacktales

attended library program

I attended library program chalk art. The artist has some cool stuff. And I made my own story on the sidewalk.

watched men in black 3

time traveled

it worked!

I read 4 books about travel!

I read Tippintown:a Guided Tour I read It Came From Outer Space I read Little Engines Can Do Big Things I read Diesel's Devious Deed

Read War Under Heaven

Finally finished War Under Heaven, where it talks about the causes and consequences of Pontiac's War.

Read "When Zachary Beaver Came To Town"

It's a tale of small-town friendship, set in the summer of 1971.

I read Revolutionary War on Wednesday by Mary Pope Osborne.

Traditional Folk Dance

On Monday, July 9 from 7:00-8:00 PM, Jim McKinney of the Golden Griffon Stringtet will instruct us on and "call out" a litany of traditional folk dances. This lively, energetic and very fun program harks back to a different time when do-si-dos and sashays were the hot new thing. Costumes optional. Come join the fun!

[Austen folk dancing by Michael R Perry is used under CC BY-SA 2.0]

I read a book called the merry adventures of robin hood

it was all about the adventurers that lived in Europe who stole from the rich and gave to the poor and needy

I read the book called the bridge of time