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Time Travel

i went to france

I read MTH Revolutionary war

Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz

Take the Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz! A new question will be posted every week, so check back often.

Week 4 Question

Which Canton Township bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places?


  • A new question will be posted every week
  • Use the Canton Township reference books, at the Main Adult Help Desk, for clues
  • Submit your answer, along with your contact information, at the Main Adult Help Desk
  • Those participants who get all of the answers correct will be placed in a drawing for a prize!

I read Patience, Princess Catherin

It's a historical fiction book that tells the story of Catherine of Aragon, who was King Henry VIII's first wife.

Retro Craft Program

Helped patrons make 80s ribbon barrettes at the library this morning!

Watched Back to the future

It was a really good Movie, I enjoyed it

attended library program

See how pretty they are?! I attended at library Ribbon Weave Barrettes program. It's hard frome beginning. I did it by the end.

Read "The Color Purple"

A very good book set in the 1920's in the South. Heart pounding and tear jerking novel.

watched Back to the Future

Went to the program "A Thousand Letters Home"

About the book of the same title by Teresa Irish. I really love WWII, so this program was right up my alley. My mom and I were the only two people at the program, so we got a one on one talk with the author. She even said that if I wanted to I could come with her to the talk she is giving to the 101st Airborne Michigan Chapter. That would be a dream come true, meeting veterans who served in the war!

I read Countdown by Deborah Wiles

I read the Joshua Files: Book 2: Ice Shock by M.G. Harris

In Ice Shock, Josh is back from his previous adventure in Mexico where he learned about the Mayan 2012 prophecy. He must go to find the pieces of something believed to be a time machine. When he finds his Dad at the end, the mission becomes even clearer.

I went to the Grand Canyon

Their was a show there called walk back in time Grand Canyon.

Participated in the Chalk CPL

I watched Back to the Future

I watched Back to the Future

Watched Source Code

It was a very interesting movie!

Watched Back to the Future III