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Time Travel

I read two Titanic Books!!!

Read Escape to Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Keeping the Castle

Keeping the castle: a tale of romance, riches, and real estate by Patrice Kindl — I read this new book because I heard it was similar to Pride and Prejudice.  That may be a bit of a stretch, but it did capture the spirit of that time period in a fun amusing way.  It would be a good introduction to the time period for those who haven't read anything from the regency period yet and are quite ready to tackle one of Jane Austen's works.  I enjoyed the author so much I'll be looking for more works by her in the future.

read ruby red

i loved this book and can't wait for the next one

Read "Space Travel"....I love space books!

Tie Dyed shirt

Made a Prehistoric world on Zoo Tycoon 2 on the computer

Saw the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford

It's really something — everyone should see it before it's over. The picture is of me and my family on the grand staircase.

horse show champ


it had advantures

Visited the natural history museum in Ann Arbor

Watch Out!!!!

Opened a time capsule with my daughter

I watched my daughter open a time capsule on her 18th birthday that I had put together for her when she was born. Among the items inside were a People magazine and TV guide from the year 1994. It was very cool!

Reading a facinating book

I'm reading The People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.  A look into the past of the Haggadah.

Time Travel to Historic Canton Quiz

Take the Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz! A new question will be posted every week, so check back often.

Week 5 Question

What is the name of the cemetery located at Gyde and Ridge Roads?


  • A new question will be posted every week
  • Use the Canton Township reference books, at the Main Adult Help Desk, for clues
  • Submit your answer, along with your contact information, at the Main Adult Help Desk
  • Those participants who get all of the answers correct will be placed in a drawing for a prize!

Spine-tingling Sherlock Case

The dragon turn by Shane Peacock will captivate readers, even if they have not read the first four cases in the award winnning The Boy Sherlock Holmes series. Actually, Sherlock is an astute teen, not boy, in these books and in addition to solving crimes Scotland Yard cannot, he is dealing with male teen coming-of-age issues. Malicious magicians, affairs d'amour gone awry, a missing body, terrifying creatures, and hidden identities keep Sherlock and readers searching for clues that will illuminate what is really going on behind the scenes of The Egyptian Hall. Adding to Sherlock's agony, is his conviction that a female's guiles has spurred him to win the freedom of a wizard who really is the murderer.

I traveled to Indiana.

I traveled to Indiana.

Read a Connie Willis novel

Read "All Clear" by Connie Willis, part of a series on time traveling historians who go back to World War II, mostly in England, to directly observe historical events. Twisty and turny, just like time travel should be!

Read "Let Love Find You" by Johanna Lindsey

This novel is set back in the time of gossipmonger's and marriage marts.  

watched "Doctor Who"