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Time Travel

Traveled back in time to the 80's.

Our family reunion theme was all about the 80's. One of the most significant things that I did in the 80's was to get married.  We'll be celebrating 31 years next week!

DIA Summer Fun!

Are you looking for something fun to do this summer? Well, look no further than your own backyard (well, near your yard, anyway).  The Detroit Insitute of Arts has some great exhibits to see this summer and time is flying by. You won't want to miss the Five Spanish Masterpieces or the Pattie Smith Camera Solo exhibit! See you there!

Time Travel to Historic Canton Quiz

Take the Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz! A new question will be posted every week, so check back often.

Week 6 Question

What are the names of the businesses presently located in the the original Cherry Hill Inn (built in 1864)?


  • A new question will be posted every week
  • Use the Canton Township reference books, at the Main Adult Help Desk, for clues
  • Submit your answer, along with your contact information, at the Main Adult Help Desk
  • Those participants who get all of the answers correct will be placed in a drawing for a prize!

"Traveled back in time" to Jonestown

A few months ago, I started looking into what happened at Jonestown. I found it all incredibly interesting and spent time online listening to recordings of Jim Jones and looking at pictures of his project in Guyana. I wanted to learn more, and hearing that Seductive Poison by Deborah Layton was a good book, decided to give it a try. This was honestly the first time in what seems like years since I found a book that I couldn't put down--I got the book on Friday, and despite many other pressures in life, finished it on Sunday. It was a beautifully-written account of Layton's experience with the Peoples Temple, and provided me with a ton more information that I'd previously known on what happened. The book also provided me with a lot of insight on various motivations for people joining the church and explanation of how things escalated. There was also a very suspenseful section at the end detailing Layton's escape.

I read the book about the 1st monkey in space name Albert the second

I read the book about the 1st monkey in space name Albert the second

Read a book about Ellis Island

Hope and tears: Ellis Island voices by Gwenyth Swain — This is a fiction book that draws from real-life Ellis Island experiences. The stories of immigrants, inspectors, nurses, and many others are told through prose and photographs.

I read a book about time travel back in space

I saw back to the future

i watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I got to know a little bit about the London and Industrial Revolution.

Entered a guess in the Historic Canton Quiz

Read "Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey"

Read Thrifty Years

I was read an entertaining biography of Hendrik Meijer, the founder of Meijer! It was pretty interesting and had some funny humor to it. Hendrik seems pretty awesome. For instance, he sold 8 cents a quart of milk and 15 cents for two. His competitors didn't like that, since they sold it for 8 cents for each quart and threatened to take Hendrik's sign down if he didn't raise the price. Instead, Hendrik kept the price the same and took down his own sign! Ha! It was a good read! (And Canton's Meijer store was mentioned!)

Submitted entries in the Historic Canton Quiz

Reading Diana Gabaldon Outlanders Series

Visited the Perry Memorial to the War of 1812 in Put-in-Bay, OH

Visited the National Park Museum at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, saw movie about the Lake Erie battle.

read "Bhudda in the Attic" - a book about Japanese brides in the early 1900's

i wached a eureka episode called Founders Day

the main characters traveled back from 2010 to 1947.