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Time Travel

Made a lego from the future

Read Armchair Traveler

I watched buzz lighyear

Read Chasing Lincon's Killer

It was an average history book. I don't see why it gets so much praise.

wanted to watch mib 3

I read the Time Warp Trio

I read the trio books

watched Men in Black 3! it travels to teh past

found my family tree

Magic Below Stairs By: Caroline Stevermer

The adventure about how an orphan named Fredrick Lincoln has been plucked from his orphanage to live be a part of the cleaning staff for a wizard named Lord Schofield and how they use a tiny man named Billy Bly to find out if the curse on the Schofield family really has been lifted 20 years ago.

I read the Eleventh Plague

I twas about going back in time to war.

I read Milkweed by: Jerry Spinelli

This book is about a boy without an identity during the Holocaust. This boy faces the challenges between life and death having no identity but a name created for him, Stopthief.

I read a Boy Called Slow by: Joseph Bruchac

This book was about Sitting Bull. It was interesting to know how this Native American leader got his name.

I read a book about medieval knights

I read Little House on the Prarie the long winter

I read magic tree house #4

I read Magic Tree House #15

Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz

Take the Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz! A new question will be posted every week, so check back often.

Week 1 Question: Which building is now located where Julien’s Corner Market and Gas Station used to be (torn down in 1997)? Hint: It was located on Canton Center Road.


  • A new question will be posted every week
  • Use the Canton Township reference books, at the Main Adult Help Desk, for clues
  • Submit your answer, along with your contact information, at the Main Adult Help Desk
  • Those participants who get all of the answers correct will be placed in a drawing for a prize!

read magic treehouse book no. 1