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Time Travel

Read "Eva's Story" by Eva Schloss -- a survivor's tale by the step sister of Anne Frank

Powerful story of life in the camps during the Holocaust.

attending library program

Snack Tales. We listened two storys and decorated a cupcake.

read goldilocks and the three martians

Snack Tales Program at the library

There were two stories about space/time travel and a cupcake decoration project.

Attended a program at the Library and read a time travel book

Read "Hitlerland"

Read the Day of the Jackal

This was an excellent tale of a professional assassin.

watched "美人心计"

watched "Men in Black III"

watched, "古今大战秦俑情"

watched "女娲传说之灵珠"

watched "The Myth"

I answered the canton time travel quiz

I answered the canton time travel quiz

Time Travel Trip (Youth Book)

Bridge of time by Lewis Buzbee is a perfect book for older readers who are interested in earning the Time Travel badge. A wrinkle in time propels best friends Lee Jones and Jones Lee back to the summer Mark Twain spent in San Francisco. The class trip they were on was a total loser, so they snuck away to discuss the pending divorces of their parents. Upon awaking from a nap in a lighthouse they find the Golden Gate bridge has fanished, their cell phones don't work, and they are clueless as to how to get back to their class and/or time. Then they meet this young man named Sam Clemens who is on the run from a mysterious stranger, who soon is after Lee and Jone, too. A suspenseful summer, sci-fi, time-travel treat for all those who delve into its pages.

read black beauty

Tie Dye!

Monday, August 6, from 2:00-4:00 PM bring something white to tie dye — socks, t-shirts, tote bags — and let your style show. This messy project will be held outside; dress appropriately. No registration required.

Copper Tom: Music, Comedy and Storytelling

Copper Tom incorporates cool, sometimes arcane, rhythms into accessible songs.  He draws inspiration from American roots music, including old time country, blues and roots rock and roll.  He might even throw in a little New Orleans funk, Trinidadian calypso, reggae and some fun tales to boot.  Join us on Wednesday, July 25 from 7:00-8:00 PM as we sing and dance to Copper Tom's eclectic music. 

Made lego from past