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Time Travel

made a explocion

hey watch this all you need to do is put a mint in a bath tub with pop

back to the future 2 and 3

watched back to the future 3

watched back to the future 2

watched magic school bus where they travel back in time

watched back to the future

A little child's 50 states of America

This book tells about the states, capitals, state date, nickname, state bird, state flower and funfacts.

read the dark is rising

I made an alien and I ate it!

Went to a Titanic exhibit.

Me and my sister went to a Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. They had lots of cool fact and artifacts from the wreck. At the end they had a remembrance wall and you could see who survived.

I went to Snack Tales at the library

I went to Snack Tales at the library

Watched the original The Time Machine (1956) based on the novel by H.G Wells and then the more modern (2003) version

I have been very interested in the subgenre of science fiction known as "Steampunk". It's an eclectic, energetic, and mostly eccentric genre for those who like quirks and the bizzare. As many noted book bloggers have said that H.G. Well's The Time Machine was one of the original inspirations for the genre, I had to give it a try. Unfortunately I'm not patient enough to give the book an attempt...I took one look at the prose and almost died. So that left the movies! Though the original was full of cheese-ball sound effects and kind of ridiculous images of the future, it still had some cool parts and I definitely enjoyed it. That being said, the newer one was much more to my liking with a more interesting plot and WAY cooler gadgets. Three Cheers for Steampunk and for H.G. Well's!

sat subject tests: us history

i read a book called The King of Shadows

this is about a young boy actor that travels into the past when he is sick and does plays in the times of kings and queens in UK

"Under the Never Sky"

read "The Things They Carried"

ch. 1

As Time Goes By

Around the world in 80 days [videodisc] by a Harmony Gold & ReteEuropa production ; in association with Valente/ Baerwald

The big clock [videodisc] by a Paramount picture

The clock [videodisc] by a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture

Clockwatchers [videodisc] by Goldcrest Films International

Went to the Titanic Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.

The exhibit showed many artifacts from the ship.