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Time Travel

The Trojan Horse

3000 years ago there was a war between Trojans and Greeks. It went on for 10 years. The Greeks came with a plan to build a big wooden horse. The soldiers got into the horse, and went into the Troy city. In the midnight, they came out of the horse and destroyed the Troy city and won the battle.

watched Battle Royale

This movie tells the story of a future where a class of high schoolers is sent to a deserted island - and according to the militant rules imposed upon them, only one may leave.

Read "Mesoamerican Mythology"

Time Travel to Historic Canton Quiz

Take the Time Travel To Historic Canton Quiz! A new question will be posted every week, so check back often.

Week 7 Question

Where was the original location of the Canton Public Library?


  • A new question will be posted every week
  • Use the Canton Township reference books, at the Main Adult Help Desk, for clues
  • Submit your answer, along with your contact information, at the Main Adult Help Desk
  • Those participants who get all of the answers correct will be placed in a drawing for a prize!

Went to the Titanic Exhibition at the Henry Ford

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"

I read a history book about women who invent stuff

answered question #6 historic canton quiz

answered question #5 historic canton quiz

answered question #4 historic canton quiz

answered question #3 historic canton

Read "The Closers" by Michael Connely



I read Dragon Slipers

It was a fictional story back in time. P.S. BEST STORY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series

Scott's series is great. It takes you through time and space and involves famous historical figures, real and imagined. This is a must-read series for all fantasy fans.

National History Museum of Ukraine

Visited the National History Museum of Ukraine, which discusses history on the territory of modern Ukraine from prehistory to Euro 2012.

Visited the Museum of One Street

The Museum of One Street in Kiev, Ukraine is exactly what the name suggests--a museum devoted to the history of one street, Andreevsky Spusk, and the people who have lived on it. Most of the museum focuses on the early 20th century, but exhibits discuss other aspects of the street's history as well. The context is very much the lives of the people who lived there--writers, rabbis, priests, musicians, upper-class ladies--and the labels are in a mix of Russian and Ukrainian, but combined the museum gives a fascinating glimpse into the history of street and the city as a whole.

Those Rebels John & Tom

Those rebels, John & Tom by Barbara Kerley ; illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham — I learned a lot about some founders of America in this book!  I have to say I find a certain kinship with the handsome, tall, silent Thomas Jeffererson who had a way with his pen.

Went to the etc to see gaming history

Wall on the etc in pittsburg that shows gaming history