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Sleuth It

I read a nancy drew book and solved the mystery before the end of the book :)

I read Island of Thieves by Josh Lacey

In Island of Thieves,Tom's parents are about to go on a vacation and Tom is going to stay at his friend Finn's house, when he burns down the shed and is forced to stay with his Uncle Harvey. Tom blackmails Harvey into to taking him on a treasure hunt to find Francis Drake's treasure, but has to outwit Peru's biggest criminal,Otto Gonzalez and his thugs and bribed helpers.

Watched a mystery movie.

Medical Mystery #2


  1. A rare disorder characterized by inflammation of the muscles and the skin
  2. Its cause is unknown but it may result from either a viral infection or autoimmune reaction
  3. Occurs in all ages but most common among middle-age adults and school-age children
  4. Women are most frequently affected
  5. Actor Laurence Olivier suffered from this disease in 1974 and nearly died
Send your guess to with the subject line "Medical Mystery #2". After you send your guess claim your Sleuth It or Be Well badge. The contest winner must solve all four mysteries this summer to win the prize. Good Luck!

i read a book with spies in it.

I read a Cam Jansen Book.

Read a Cam Jansen Mystery Chapter Book.

Read a Book

Read a Sherlock Homles

Birdsong Identification

Spent time listening to audio clips of bird calls and matching them up with birds I was hearing in the backyard. Many birds have more than one song or call and it was fun figuring out who's who.

i read the book Minerva Clark gets a clue

the book is really good and its perfect for kids that loves to read mystery book

I read Compound

Read the Last Thing I Remember

It was an interesting book which also contained time travel.

watched several Agatha Christie movies about Miss Marple

Red House Mystery

Like another CYS participant, I also read the Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne.  It's very different from his Winnie the Pooh books, but still very good! 

"Digital Fortress"

Read Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

The 18th book in the Stephanie Plum series is better than ever! It's got murder, mystery and more explosions than the average girl can handle...good thing Stephanie is a tough Jersey girl and can handle herself!

Watched sherlock holmes a game of shadowes

2 Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novels

read horace splatty the cupcaked crasuder books 1-5

Horace is a fourth grade kid that is 30 in. tall. His little sister is a super genius that is 8 in. Taller then her brother. She make super cupcake for her brother to be a super hero. he goes his own direction in these books.

read over 30 of the books in the nancy drew series.