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Researched an epidemic

Found that alot of people died a long time ago from a bad disease

read Lexi by: L.S Matthews

A girl wakes up in a forest with no memory and nothing but a necklace with a key and a nasty headache. She goes to the nearest town and walks in the middle of a busy street and closes her eyes and starts crying. Then as she was going to be killed by a car, a man comes and pushes her away and that's how the story begins. Then the man takes her to the orphanage because she doesn't even know her name. Then after a night at the orphanage, a doctor comes and finds a big bump on her head. Then, the owner remembers the girl. Her name is Lexi. And she has a mission, to find out who she is and to reveal her true idenity.

I read Sophie Kinsella's latest book, "I've Got Your Number."

A light, fun summer read. Poppy helps solve a mystery of corporate espionage.

I read the Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

In this book, Nicholas goes on an adventure to find the treasure that the original owners of the orphanage which used to be a mansion-the Rothschilds-left behind. Nicholas goes through many ups and downs, but his smarts pull him through in the end. Although his narcolepsy pulls him back, he makes it anyway. This is how the Mysterious Benedict Society began.

Drove on dozens of back roads in Indiana without the aid of GPS

We had a great time just taking the paved roads, gravel paths and an occasional rutted dirt cow path, ending up wherever those paths took us and then finding our way back to civilization with a paper map.

Watched the movie Gone

Would recommend this one as an "edge of your seat" film.

read a mystery and figured out who-dun-it before it was revealed

It was a fun read even though I wasn't surprised by the outcome.

I did Medical Mystery #2!!!

Wow...this is so easy! Just look it up and you will get the correct answer. You need to look it up because I don't think any of you people have ever heard of it before... :)

I did Medical Mystery #1!!!

The answer is pretty simple (I can't say what it is because that would just give it away). It took me a while to look it up though... :)

I read I.Q.

Not at all what i expected, but its a good story.

Read The Westing Game

Great book. Mind twisting.

Murder Will Out July 2012

Try something new, an author you haven't read or a genre you haven't tried.

Kill switch by Neal Baer, Jonathan Greene

50% off murder by Josie Belle

Death drops by Chrystle Fiedler

File M for murder by Miranda James

I did medical mystery#1

Watched the movie "Taken"

It was about a man trying to find his daughter that got kidnapped.

Read Olivia and the Missing Toy

Olivia— and the missing toy by Ian Falconer

read a book

The SOCIAL STUDIES CONNECTS stories solve mysteries. And in the end of the book has an activity to play.

read a book

The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth. Interesting!

read gator on the loose

Sherlock Holmes

I read Nate The Great Stalks Stupidweed.

I like this book because it's funny and because you don't really know where it is until the end unlike most Nate the Great books(that i have read).