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Sleuth It

i saw this cool show called psych

it is about this psychic detective named Shawn Spencer, who get hired by the Santa Barbara police department. he and his best friend, Gus, who has a degree in pharmaceutics, solve mysteries. and Shawn Spencer actually isn't psychic, he just notices little clues that lead to big mysteries.

read The Witch is Dead by Shirley Damsgaard

I continued reading this series of cozy mysteries featuring Ophelia and Abby.

If You Liked the Mysterious Benedict Society

If you liked the Mysterious Benedict Society, then try one of these books:

The mysterious case of the Allbright Academy by Diane Stanley

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett ; with artwork by Brett Helquist

The name of this book is secret by Pseudonymous Bosch ; illustrations by Gilbert Ford

I read the A to Z Mysteries book The Missing Mummy.

I read the A to Z Mysteries book The Missing Mummy.

Medical Mystery#1

medical mystery #2


I read UFO Mysteries by N.B.Grace. It's kind of scare, but interesting, too.

Read Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a marvelous detective. If its from tracing a suspect in Japan to doging madmen gangster attacks on the islands of Hawaii, Nancy Drew can do it all!

I read Nate the Great

I read The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide!!!

This guide tells all about each character with great detail and it shows many glamorous illustrations. These are secrets never revealed in the four books of the Twilight series. I recommend this book to all Twilight fans! :)

Read "Wicked Appetite"

This book was fun. Anxiuosly awaiting the next in tne series.

Read "State of the Onion"


My dad had to dig through branches to get to one of the caches it was funny to see him do it!!


I went Geocaching with my family and found 6 caches.

Solved whose been eating the chocolate donuts

I thought it was my brother - but turns out my bulldog got some of them too!

figured out the best way to make a Brobee style sweater

A fellow Blythe enthusiast asked me to make a Brobee style sweater, so I learned a bit about Yo Gabba Gabba and chose the closest colors in my stash.

Read the quilt before the storm

Read City of Bones by Michael Connelly

Submitted answer to Medical Mystery #1